193: Somatic Sexology and Healing Your Body from the Inside Out - with Julianne Vaccaro


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Many of us are moving through trauma in our lives. We know that it’s important to work through our trauma and heal ourselves but knowing where to even begin can be scary. Our guest today is Julianne Vaccaro, one of my good friends and Mastermind client. Julianne is a Spiritual Health and Trauma coach for leaders who are looking to deepen their understanding of themselves and heal to reclaim their life. She uses Somatic Sexology and Spiritual Psychology practices to support her clients moving through trauma.

Julianne was a fitness competitor and had her own fitness and health issues. When she started doing her own inner work to heal, she realized how important it is to heal from the inside out. I love how she is helping people get to the core of their issues, rather than covering surface-level stuff. Today we will cover what Somatic Sexology is, how our body holds onto trauma and emotions, and how we can release, clear, and heal our own trauma with these practices.

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