206: Pain Consciousness and Subconscious Healing with Vinny Crispino


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Pain is your body’s way of trying to get your attention. It’s a signal or a calling that you’re not paying attention to something. You could be mechanically healthy but you’re still in pain because something is missing. But pain is not about fixing a problem, it’s about consistently paying attention and having awareness of how your body is working. Motions and emotions are connected.

Today’s guest is one of my good friends Vinny Crispino, founder of Pain Academy, which helps people rid pain from their bodies. I have personally used Vinny’s techniques and always come back to them. In today’s episode, we discuss how we hold onto pain, where pain comes from, what our pain is trying to tell us, how we create holding patterns, and how to determine and deal with the root of our pain.

Important Moments:

  • Vinny goes over the specifics on what he does and the story about how he broke his back [6:36]
  • The moment that changed Vinny’s perspective on pain [13:00]
  • The birth of the Pain Academy [16:00]
  • How Vinny determines the diagnosis and the correct way of being for an individual person as a practitioner [17:46]
  • What is pain trying to tell people? [26:13]
  • How does our internal pain manifest externally? [30:13]
  • Vinny discusses how we create patterns to hold onto pain [39:00]
  • How can we consistently observe in order to work on our healing daily? [44:57]
  • Vinny tells us where to find a movement sequence for balance and healing [51:23]
  • Amanda asks Vinny about his son's medical mystery and the impact it's had on his work [53:00]

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"Pain is nothing more than a warning system in your body tellig you that something is not right. Our obsession with trying to find the exact root cause of something divorces us from seeing the bigger picture."

"Most people dont know what to do without pain. Most people will find ways to sabotage what they are doing to keep pain alive because it’s their story. Most people will use pain as an anchor into an ever changing world that is aways dynaic and shifting where nothing is in our control."

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