Legends of Ireland & Funky Waffle House Encounters


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Episode 2 of Season 2

Legends of Ireland
With your hosts Jay Zippo, Nikki Notaro, Lisa B & Jonny B.


Dating back centuries Ireland has been known for its supernatural and superstitious beliefs. We dive into a few of them in this episode, including the Alp-Luachra, Nuckelavee, the Banshee and a haunted location called Duckett’s Grove. Jon unveils what the “Joint-Eater” is and a possible real world explanation to it. Nikki tells of a terrifying tale of the Nuckelavee, is it a horse or a human or neither? Lisa tells of the crazy past of Duckett’s Grove and why it is haunted by a Banshee. To finish it off, Jay talks about the Banshee, the different types and where they came into existence. Of course we end the episode on an article of a woman dropping trousers and licking faces in a Waffle House parking lot.

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