Circling the Wagons: Josh Allen & Super Cade w/Lyndsey D'Arcangelo of the Athletic


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In this episode, we talk with Lyndsey D'Arcangelo (@darcangel21) of the Athletic and her story about Josh Allen and his relationship with Cade Spinello aka "Super Cade." Josh met Cade at one Jordan Palmer's training practices as part of the NEGU (Never Ever Give Up) Jessie Rees Foundation and the two have remained great friends ever since then. Cade has battled through many challenges in his young life and continues to fight and inspire as a 13 year old, recovering from a stroke that he suffered from a surgical procedure to remove a cancerous tumor at 5 years of age. It's truly a great story about the young Bills quarterback's bond with Cade and if you already loved him before, you'll love him even more. At the very end of this podcast, which is not related to the great story that Lyndsey wrote, I discuss my thoughts on Derek Anderson retiring, him being a "player coach" for the Bills, and why I'm psyched that Tyree Jackson is our QB3 this season. Go Bills!
Thanks to Lyndsey for coming on and talking with us! If you'd like to donate to the NEGU Foundation, please donate here or purchase a shirt from our TeePublic store where we will donate proceeds from now until our next podcast to the NEGU Foundation.
Additional Topics Include: Patrick Mahomes wearing a NEGU wristband/bracelet on the cover of Madden, Derek Anderson, Tyree Jackson, Matt Barkley, the term "Player Coach", Cam Newton, Matt Barkley, Ken Dorsey, John Skelton.
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