Accounting Data Migration In This Time Of Rapid Change With Shanu Mehta - Ep194


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As the saying goes, nothing in this world is permanent. Everything is moving and constantly changing. That is why for businesses, it is almost always a must to have your systems and data in the right place because when the time comes for you to shift, then you can easily do it. This episode’s guest is all about helping companies with that. Paul Higgins sits down with Shanu Mehta, the co-founder of MMC Convert—a migration company that brings data from any accounting platform to other accounting platforms. Shanu shares with us the serendipitous moment that gave birth to her company and how they are helping businesses with data migration. She also lets us in on their processes, partnerships, as well as lead generation techniques. Reflecting on the current COVID-19 situation, Shanu then shares her thoughts about how it will affect our human need for face to face interactions. Furthermore, she gives us a peek into her experience with EO (Entrepreneur Only) and the way it has helped her connect with entrepreneurs around the world.

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