356: Topic | When to Quit Your Job with Mark Asquith, Amy Porterfield, Rylee Meek


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Mark Asquith, founder of Rebel Base Media; Amy Porterfield, online marketing expert and online course creator; and Rylee Meek, CEO of The Social Dynamic Selling System, motivational speaker, and mentor, share with your host, Travis Chappell, their thoughts on when it’s time to quit your job to pursue your passion full-time.

Episode Highlights:

  • Mark Asquith
  • Mark left the corporate world after spending some time working for his dad who was a self-employed electrician, and that taught him freedom and flexibility.
  • The problem for him was never the money but was that he was always under someone else’s control.
  • Mark began to develop this point of view when he was young and tried to purchase a hot dog, only to discover he didn’t have enough money, and realized it wasn’t in his control whether he had the money and someone else got to decide what he could or couldn’t have because of it.
  • Amy Porterfield
  • Amy took the corporate route from day one out of college and never considered being an entrepreneur, but her dad always said she should find a way to be her own boss.
  • Amy worked for Tony Robbins for over 6 years as a content creator so she was immersed in the idea of being an entrepreneur.
  • Travis thinks people get caught up in the idea of being their own boss and end up quitting their job and losing their main source of income way too soon.
  • Amy ended up creating a business she actually hated because it’s what she had happened to learn working for Tony Robbins, and it’s networking that propelled her into the next phase.
  • She became a liaison between Tony and a man named Mark who ended up founding the now extremely popular website Social Media Examiner, and who ended up becoming her first client.
  • Rylee Meek
  • Rylee began developing an entrepreneurial spirit as soon as he worked his first 8-hour shift at a gas station and realized how little he would earn.
  • Rylee and Travis agree that everyone should do either network marketing, door-to-door sales, or telemarketing at least once to boost your skills.
  • He didn’t go back to school because he felt he could achieve unlimited opportunity with his business.
  • When he spontaneously went to Malaysia to open his business internationally, he had an early mid-life crisis from the culture shock.
  • Rylee was also engaged to be married and began working as an insurance salesman for a middle ground between being an entrepreneur and being part of an existing business.
  • A colleague told him that 85% of the job was negativity and rejection, but you’d do well if you could focus on the positive 15%.
  • Rylee and Travis have tolerated a lot of jobs they weren’t passionate about because they appreciated the time, freedom, and money, but eventually felt they had to follow their passion once they reached a certain level of success and stability.

3 Key Points:

  1. Working for yourself means no one else is able to wield control over what you can do or how you feel.
  2. Choose to become your own boss at a moment that makes sense for you financially and professionally.
  3. Everything you work on, both the successes and failures, accumulate and impact your work today.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “The problem wasn’t the money. The problem was the lack of control and the lack of fulfillment. No matter how much money I earned doing that, someone would always tell me where I needed to be and when.” –Mark Asquith
  • “Putting myself out there literally changed the trajectory of my future.” –Amy Porterfield
  • “You know that saying that everybody should be a waiter once, & I have that same feeling towards network marketing. It’s gotten a bad rep, but at the core I think it’s a brilliant model & really pushes people to do the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable.” –Rylee Meek

Resources Mentioned:

  • Mark Asquith: acast.com/privacy

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