362: Topic | Connecting with Legends wtih Tameka Montgomery, Mark Brazil, and Jon Gordon


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Tameka Montgomery, from the Raising Entrepreneurs Podcast, Mark Brazil, from Ikonick, and Jon Gordon, author of “The Power of a Positive Team," share with your host, Travis Chappell, their thoughts on "connecting with legends."

Episode Highlights:

  • Tameka Montgomery
  • Takema has connected with Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.
  • The Presidential Management Fellow program with the US Department of Justice recruits people out of grad school and law school to fasttrack in the upper levels of government.
  • How did Tameka go from working for the local Denver Small Business Development Center to working in the Obama Administration?

  • Mark Brazil
  • Mark has connected and is in business with Gary Vanerchuck.
  • It is all about providing value first in a networking relationship.
  • You can’t be a fan and a friend.

  • Jon Gordon
  • Jon does speaking and training for NFL and NBA teams around the topic of leadership.
  • How did Jon get his foot in the door with major sports organizations and work with them?
  • What is the most annoying approach that people have when they meet Jon at an event?

3 Key Points:

  1. People do business with people that they like.
  2. The reals know the real ones.
  3. Go in to give with your skillset without an agenda.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Business is all about relationships at the end of the day.” - Tameka Montgomery
  • “I’m just giving favors to everybody. I can’t really think of that many people in my head that its like, ‘I owe you one.’” - Mark Brazil
  • “If I had an agenda, I’d pretty much ruin the relationship and ruin future opportunities. So, I was just going there to serve and make a difference and make an impact with that coach and with that team.” - Jon Gordon

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