0210 [BUSINESS] Imposter Syndrome "Who am I to be doing this?!"


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Tell me if you've ever experienced this. You're working on your business or setting a new goal, or planning for a product or service launch, or forecasting revenue for the year, and your mind steps in. It says, "Who are you to think you can achieve that?" or "Why do you think you're qualified when so many others are better than you?"

Imposter syndrome runs deep in entrepreneurship. Not only that, but when we feel like an imposter, it zaps our confidence, and we tend to set goals that are below our capability. We make decisions that are safe, rather than ones that are a calculated risk that could move our business forward. Essentially, imposter syndrome sets us up to underperform.

Even more, most of the advice I hear on the internet and in other domains is actually really ineffective, albeit good-intentioned. This is why we're tackling the topic of imposter syndrome on the podcast today.

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