An East Meets West Approach to Building Psychological Strength with Senia Tuominen


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How many times have you heard people talk about physical health as though it’s separate from mental health?

Let’s come at this from a different direction. If you stayed up very late for 4 nights in a row, how would you feel, emotionally, afterward?

That simple example shows how integrated our physical and mental health are, and in Peak Mind we speak about them in that way.

This week, we’re coming at this holistic approach to health from another perspective, the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine. This week we’re speaking with Senia Tuominen, a certified acupuncturist and Holistic Health Expert.

Senia treats very complex cases through a combination of Qi (energy) work and acupuncture, among other things.

This interview blew me away because of the similarities and parallels between the ways in which traditional Chinese medicine thinks about and approaches the way our minds work and the ways in which we approach it from a western Psychology perspective.

I’m thrilled to bring you this interview to give you a new perspective on how to think about both physical and mental health.

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