0208: (BUSINESS) - Introducing Psych Strength for Business!


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Each year, I make changes to invest in the podcast to make it even more valuable for my audience.

We currently release a quick, 1-2 minute, actionable episode every Monday to give you a new tool or tip to try out. We release an in-depth episode every Wednesday focused on helping you build psychological strength to improve your life experience....but there's one set of questions I get asked ALL THE TIME that I haven't yet addressed on the podcast. Business questions.

As it turns out, there's a TON of psychology involved in being a business owner. Sales, creativity, persisting after failure, goal setting, work-life balance, and so much more.

So, to lean into the podcast even more in 2021, I'm experimenting with Friday business-focused episodes. I hope you'll join me for episodes to help you build psychological strength and become more effective, confident, and successful in the world of business.

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