The Truth Behind Jeremiah 29:11


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You’ve never heard this scripture preached like this. Jeremiah 29:11 is one of the most famous inspirational scripture quotes, but Princeton talks about now there’s more to the text than we usually talk about.

Episode Highlights:

  • Princeton welcomes listeners as they pressed the play button to this podcast.
  • Princeton realized that even people in the church quote scriptures, and we are like biblically illiterate.
  • Be contextual biblical interpreters/preachers to get the scripture's richest meaning, and don't end up misinterpreting its meaning.
  • Princeton talks about the contextual sense of Philippians 4:13 of how to be content in every stage of life as Paul developed the tool so that he can be okay and know who he is with God no matter what the situation is.
  • We hear scripture on social media, and so we post a scripture more likely to be a motivational quote than a scripture.
  • Unlike scriptures, a motivational quote doesn't need context because they are not part of a larger story.
  • Princeton runs the exposé of Jerimiah 29:11 to find about how it relates to anxiety, to commit to reading verses, and see the real knowledge of the words of God.
  • Anxiety sits here among us until we are willing to confront it and have that conversation.
  • Jeremiah 29:11 is prominent in social media because it is so affirming that God says, “I want to give you an expected end”.
  • Princeton started reading verses one through ten and about to explain the context of the scripture.
  • The book of Jerimiah says to build, plant, invest, anchor yourself, but the people's objective is to leave.
  • The root of our anxiety is that as a culture, we are so future- focus that we do not make peace with right now.
  • God's question is, "Am I a God of now, or do you need me to transport you to where you're going?".
  • In Exodus, Israel is acquainted with God of Suddenly as he spoke to Moses about getting ready, as he's about to send victory.
  • One of the solutions to anxiety is the power of being present.
  • When you are in a rush, you miss the things that you're supposed to see. We tend to bypass essential pieces that will make us improve.
  • People tend to be so entrepreneurial hungry that they don't come from purpose but from capitalism.
  • As we bypass essential pieces, we miss the people with the necessary wisdom we need.
  • It is worth your investment even if you don't live here forever.
  • We only invest in things that will directly benefit us.
  • In applying for a higher position in a job, people tend to feel ready to advance as they thought they knew everything about it.
  • Your mastery of any level would be seen by how you handle that level, not by your request to the next level.
  • When you're handling it right, the promotion will come to you.
  • Success doesn't need to be a prerequisite for a relationship.
  • Jeremiah says, pray for the city that has you in captivity, pray for the peace of that city.
  • To be present means your attitude about where you are must change, and it doesn't until you pray for the wellbeing of it.
  • You can't effectively pray for something that you are not concerned about.
  • Sometimes, the answer to that anxiety is a changed heart.
  • Anxiety comes from different circumstances, but sometimes it comes because all we want is the next, instead of seeing God in our now.
  • Princeton's teacher friend dared him to be present, rededicated to living something that's not permanent.
  • Even your worst days deserve the best you.
  • The whole point of the scripture is not just to give you the hope, but to teach you to obey from verses one through ten.
  • Worship is the power of being present.
  • See the value of being here, decide to live fully in it, and find the joy in your now.

3 Key Points:

  1. Build, plant, invest, anchor yourself in your now.
  2. Anxiety comes from different circumstances such as expectations, perceived fear, trauma, but sometimes it comes because we are so future-focus who miss seeing God in our now.
  3. See the value of being here, find the joy in your present and live your life to the fullest.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • "The wind of time is blowing back my hairline probably about an inch a day"- Princeton Parker
  • "When you're always trying to go next, it is the reflection that you believe that now has nothing left to offer, which is often a manifestation of pride."Princeton Parker
  • "Your mastery of this level would be seen by how you handle this level, not by your request to the next level"-Princeton Parker
  • "Sometimes, the answer to that anxiety is a changed heart"-Princeton Parker
  • "Just because you don't live here forever, doesn't mean it's not worth your investment."-Princeton Parker

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