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Dr. Samantha Madhosingh is a Licensed Psychologist, Bestselling Author, & Speaker. She received her doctorate in professional psychology from The George Washington University and has dedicated more than 20 thousand hours to researching, understanding, & solving the infinite possibilities of human potential, behavior, & performance.

Dr. Samantha is the founder and CEO of ElevateHER, an organization serving women leaders (and interested men) in business and in life by providing key strategies to achieve mastery in mindset, communication, & relationships, and ultimately create a legacy of lasting wealth. Through her programs, trainings, and workshops she guides audiences and clients through powerful experiences that help them achieve exponential growth and fulfillment. Dr. Samantha has a unique ability to help clients and audiences go deep and move forward. Her cutting edge system was built on principles of neuroscience, human potential, positive psychology, cognitive therapy, leadership, and coaching to deliver fast, life changing results.

A frequent media contributor and sought-after expert for both local and national media, Dr. Samantha has appeared on CW, FOX, NBC, CBS, Emotional MoJo, Daytime and Heart&Soul. A contributing expert for Huffington Post, she is the author of the bestselling book, Strike it Happy! 101 Reflections to Revolutionize Your Life, the Strike it Happy! Journal, and Magnify Your Brilliance: 5 Keys to a Powerful Life. Dr. Samantha co-authored the bestselling books Motherhood Dreams & Success and You Are Whole, Perfect, and Complete…Just as You Are.



The Burnt Out Experience

Dr. Samantha Madhosingh worked for years in a school in DC providing mental health and support services. She explains that the source of her feeling burnt out was that . "The kids," she said "were amazing and they had been through so much... it wasn't the kids. It was everything else." The kids were expected to learn so much while having to deal with harsh home situations. The school was a "safe zone" in that, the kids stayed the week at school and went home on weekends. A lot of the home lives involved violence whether that be interpersonal, domestic, or other.

Long story short, Samantha felt like she, and her team, were spinning their wheels when they had no control over the children's learning style, the pressures put on them, or the home lives they were going to and from each week.

She felt ineffective. And that is where her feeling burnt out came from.

How did she deal?

Change the Situation

Dr. Samantha changed her situation. She became a manager and administrator in a program that allowed her to have more control and be more effective in the lives of the children she was working with.

This lead back to her values as a person. She highly values being effective as well as making change for the better in other people's lives. In order to live her life by those values, she changed her situation to fulfill them.

What is Leadership


Being truly present and hearing someone without responding

Motivating and inspiring people to be their very best

Commitment to learning (not assuming you know everything)

Notable Quotes

“Change the way you think about the situation or remove yourself from the situation."

"You can't live other people's lives for them."

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