Nurturing female friendships with Michelle Broadbent


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Today’s episode is with the beautiful and wise Michelle Broadbent. We recorded this well before iso life began and I have to apologise for being so behind with my episodes this year. I’m going to be changing things up a little which I’ll share with you soon just to make this more manageable while juggling business and now home schooling!

Michelle supports female entrepreneurs as they navigate their way through to the next stage of business growth. Michelle is a trusted confidant and sounding board. She is tuned-in to what her clients need and prides herself on providing balanced advice with a big dose of TLC.

During this chat Michelle and I must have been able to see into the future as there was so much we discussed that will be able to help you navigate this period that we are currently in.

In the episode Michelle discusses:

- How to get really organised in your business and become a master of your own time
- How a Career Coach helped her change careers
- How she has created a business that supports her lifestyle as a Mum of two daughters
- Some amazing productivity and time hacks
- The importance of creating systems within your business
- A great tip on how to manage your wardrobe which is something we can all do at the moment and will help with our budgets!

And finally Michelle discusses the importance of nurturing and maintaining female friendships. This is something we haven’t covered on the show before an d it is so timely as I’ve found for myself I’ve been leaning on my female friendships more than ever before the last few weeks.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself recording this but also learnt a great deal which I know you are going to as well. So now let’s get on with the show.

You can find Michelle at and on Instagram @michbroadbent

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