Solana: Faster, Cheaper, More Scalable [Business Breakdowns, EP. 28]


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Today, we are breaking down Solana. Founded in 2017 by an ex-wireless engineer from Qualcomm, Solana is a layer one blockchain like Bitcoin and Ethereum that has been built to process transactions as quickly and cheaply as possible. Where Bitcoin can process about ten transactions per second and Ethereum around 30, Solana can handle over 60,000 transactions per second, and it can do so at a fraction of the cost. Unsurprisingly, Solana’s network has attracted huge interest from developers, users, and investors alike over the last year.

In this breakdown, we cover the killer app for decentralized ledgers, the history of on-chain transaction speeds, and the fundamental difference between software and blockchain technology. We then delve into the architecture that has enabled Solana’s speed unlock and look at the platform’s potential to become a huge piece of the world’s financial infrastructure.

To help me break down Solana, I’m joined by Kyle Samani, co-founder and managing partner at Multicoin Capital.

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Show Notes

[00:02:49] - [First question] - How he views the opportunity set of blockchain technology

[00:06:37] - The evolution of transactions-per-second from Bitcoin to new cryptocurrencies

[00:13:43] - Why does decentralized finance matter versus centralized finance

[00:18:34] - What is Solana and the scope and scale of it today

[00:20:31] - Reintroducing costs with DeFi software compared to prior zero marginal costs

[00:24:13] - How to go from 30 transactions a second to 30,000 and make the system work

[00:31:03] - What about Solana’s design code that allows it to take advantage of parallelism

[00:33:05] - Differences between proof of history and proof of work

[00:39:05] - The tokenomics of Solana, their distribution setup, and what owning SOL offers

[00:46:24] - What Solana’s blockchain will enable for application development

[00:55:15] - The emerging adoption and creation of social tokens

[00:57:40] - Thoughts on regulation and security in regards to Solana

[00:59:41] - Competition that Solana may face and layer one blockchains in general

[01:04:54] - What has him most excited about Solana and the landscape writ large

[01:08:11] - Lessons for builders and investors when studying the Solana story

[01:11:23] - Leaning into your differences and the team behind the project

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