The Green Investing Revolution Is Coming: BlackRock's Brian Deese on ESG Investing


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April 22 is Earth Day. Do you know if your favorite corporate behemoth is observing the holiday? Chances are...they aren’t.

Spoiler alert: That’s a terrible decision.

By letting climate concerns simmer quietly on the back burner, companies are not only opening themselves up to unmitigated risk but also leaving returns on the table. That’s according to Brian Deese, global head of sustainable investing at BlackRock (yes that BlackRock—the world’s largest money manager).

This week on Morning Brew’s Business Casual podcast, Deese (who was also an architect of the Paris Climate Agreement following a stint in the Obama White House) explains why investing with the climate in mind leads to stronger returns.

Deese also illustrates the important roles both 1) big data and 2) the federal government play in determining how and when corporate America prioritizes sustainability. Because all those returns we were talking about up there? They won’t matter if the world’s on fire in 30 years.

And unlike some investors focused on sustainability, Brian’s about more than just good press. Listen now to hear for yourself.

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