Your Crash Course on Supply Chains, Globalization, and COVID-19


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Things we learned in school: 1) always guess C and 2) never underestimate the importance of highly intricate supply chain economics and their trickle down effects on business.

This week on Morning Brew’s Business Casual podcast, Geoffrey Garrett, dean of UPenn’s prestigious Wharton School, explains what’s at stake for our globalized economy in the wake of COVID-19. We called in the best in the Ivy League for this one, since there are a lot of moving parts:

  • First, we were concerned about supply as China’s countless manufacturing facilities went offline to observe social distancing and slow COVID’s spread.
  • Then, we got worried about demand as Western countries shuttered entire economies and consumer spending hit a wall. what should we furrow our brows over? Dean Garrett has all the answers. It’s like getting a degree from Wharton, but without the rich mahogany smell.

Listen now and let us know what you think.

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