Why Finland is building with wood again


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Could building more homes and offices out of wood instead of concrete help tackle climate change? We travel to Finland, where growing numbers of homes and offices are being built using wood, and the industry is booming. We’ll hear how it can help improve sustainability in cities and take a look at the challenges and benefits of using more wood inside our offices and homes. And we'll also hear concerns about the impact on the country’s famous forests. Presenter Maddy Savage speaks to Miimu Airaksinen - vice president of development at Finnish building company SRV, about the construction process and the technology being used. Mai Suominen, a senior forest expert for the World Wildlife fund explains the benefits of using wood to make buildings, because they can store carbon that’s already been removed from the atmosphere by trees for decades. Ali Amiri from Aalto University has been exploring the costs and benefits of using wood for building - and the impact of the war in Ukraine which has increased interest in wood as a building material. And Maddy gets a tour from Linda Helen of an eight story wooden office block in Helsinki that’s home to one of Finland’s biggest gaming companies Supercell. Produced and presented by Maddy Savage. (Image - wooden building in Helskini. Credit: BBC)

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