EP005 - The Importance of your Personal Brand in Business with Nick James


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Nick James is an extremely successful Entrepreneur Businessman and famous for his brand Seriously Fun Business based in Solihull West Midlands.

Nick runs some of the biggest events with the biggest guests in the UK and shares with us his vast knowledge on how to get ahead in business.

We discuss:

The difference between and Intrapreneur and an Entrepreneur. If you are ambitious and in business, then you will fit in either one of these categories.

How the value that you bring to an organisation is critical and how it effects (good and bad) your Personal Brand, as this has a massive influence on whether you get promoted or not

We also speak about how you can consciously add value to your organisation and how important it is to network with the right people, so that they “Know, Like and Trust” you.

At the end of the day You are YOUR own CEO!

One of Nick’s big teaching points is all about Vision and making sure that you setting goals and are focusing on them daily to ensure success.

We also hear about how he managed to attract and secure one of the biggest names in Business and Marketing today in the US, Gary Vaynerchuk to speak at his Expert Empires event in London earlier this year.

Finally, one of Nick biggest tips is all about having patience if you want to be successful in business.

Golden Nugget Question Round

Question 1 – What would you tell your 25 Year Old Self?

Take more risks, be braver, have more trust

Question 2 – What would you Lecturer at University today

The Philosophy of Sales – Why people buy what they buy and how people sell to them.

Question 3 – What was your biggest investment or financial decision

Booking Gary Vaynerchuk for his Business Empires event

Guest Details

At Seriously Fun Business for their latest event, they have assembled a collection of World class Experts in Business, Events, Tech, Social Media, Marketing, Sales, Branding and Personal development to create an event unlike any other in the UK called 'Business Empires'.

You can find out more here: www.businessempires.co.uk

Over Two Days Some of The UK's Leading Entrepreneurs Will Reveal The Tried-And-Tested Strategies They've Used To Scale Their Businesses To Seven, Eight, And Even Nine Figures.

They'll Also Share the Advanced Marketing Tactics They're Using RIGHT NOW To Generate More Leads, Get More Customers, and Make More Sales!

It will be actionable content that can be implemented immediately into your business to increase success.

Effectively you will be able to leverage knowledge and strategies from the people that are spending 8 & 9 figures plus to produce results. There is also the fact that 600 people will be in attendance so connections will be made, JV's will be formed and I wouldn't be at all surprised if you pick up new customers.

You will also learn how we have put on this event 'BUSINESS EMPIRES' & our Event in May ' EXPERT EMPIRES' as our 'niche' is we teach people how to put on successful profitable events, seminars (On & Offline) & Workshops, Check us out here: https://bumsonseatsbootcamp.com/bums-on-seats and here http://www.seriouslyfunbusiness.co.uk

Quotes from the Show

The people who get promoted are the ones that create the most value in the organisation -Nick James

Don’t play candy crush on the train in the morning and then bitch and moan that you didn’t get what you wanted! -Nick James

It’s the habits that you do on a daily basis that help you create that extra value - Nick James

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