EP015 - The Relentless Entrepreneur with Kalpesh Patel (Part I)


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In this episode, we are joined by Kalpesh Patel, the one and only “Relentless Entrepreneur”. He is often dubbed as one of the most dynamic, and inspirational speaker in the UK. As an entrepreneur, his experience dates back to the age of 11. The great thing about him is that he is a resilient man, he had his ups and downs in both his personal and business life, but he still managed to bounce back and help others get better in both areas.

In this episode, Kalpesh shares how his journey to success did not start and end with him getting into business and moving forward, rather that his success is a result of learning the hardships that his grandparents had to endure (given that they are of Indian descent).

Kalpesh also shares the importance of the power of having the desire to “make something happen”.

We also talked about how important “family” is.

Kalpesh is a family-oriented guy who puts his family first for the decisions he made in life. Although some of his bad moments (in business and personal) roots from family influences, the best ones were too.

We also tackled the importance of your “WHY” and it is really vital that you know yours too.

Kalpesh also tackled how powerful is the concept of STORY TELLING -- how it conceptualises everything, and how it puts things in perspective.

He also talked about how important it is to appreciate what we have right now, as some people would endure so much hardships just to progress.

Kalpesh knows that “Learned DNA” can help your environment to shape you.

Goal Setting is key and linking that to a dream is also very important

We also talked about how important it is to bounce back every time life knocks you down.

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To contact Kalpesh, you can visit his website at http://www.thekalpeshpatel.com/

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(Web) http://www.thekalpeshpatel.com/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kalpeshinspiredpatel


You don’t do yourself any favours (unless you’re a rap star), by dressing down, speaking down being lazy in language and in your ability to communicate. These things don’t extend you any favours in life. – Kalpesh Patel

Story telling is very powerful concept, it conceptualises everything, and it puts things in a context. – Kalpesh Patel

Life will smack you in the face when you’re least expecting it. – Kalpesh Patel

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