Ep183: You Do You, Boo


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Vicky is delighted because Joe has been away for a week, and is now home! Joe is fresh back from a business trip to Thailand and boy does he have a tale to tell you! A tale of being randomly massaged at a urinal in a giant bar. Tune in to hear how that turned out... and also to discover whether or not you can, or should, be funny when you're writing your book. We answer that question for you and sum up the whole thing with four simple words: you do you, boo.

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Something very weird happened to Joe when he was in Thailand.

[6:00] Vicky has built a new website! It’s so shiny!

[7:15] How can you be a funny writer?

[9:35] Remember, humor is very subjective.

[12:00] Likeable people go far in life. They make people feel good!

[14:05] When writing a book, don’t worry about trying to impress people.

[15:55] If you want to be funny, you’ve got to practice and you’ve got to learn it. It’s not a natural skill.

[21:50] Remember to be yourself instead of trying to mimic someone else’s talent.

[23:05] Thank you Natasha Lewis for sending Vicky your published book!

[23:55] Vicky plans to read Natasha’s dog training book to hopefully train her sheep how to do agility tricks.

[25:25] Vicky also got a second book in the mail from Carol, who is a doggie doctor! Thank you Carol.

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