157: Tim Dooner Explains Operational Excellence in Transportation and Supply Chains


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Supply chains represent the people, processes, and technology required to move goods and services from production to consumption. And yes, every organization has one. Airplanes, railcars, ships, trucks, pipelines, and broadband all represent the arteries through which our goods and services are transported. This is Tim Dooner’s (aka “Dooner”), specialty. In fact, he’s built FreightCasts, the world’s largest logistics and supply chain podcast network.

A pandemic, labor shortages, rising demand and prices, and crumbling or compromised means of transportation all threaten our ability to fulfill orders or service agreements. In this episode, Dooner explains the delicate interconnectivity of transportation infrastructure, the domino effect of supply chain disruptions, and tips for sustaining operations during those disruptions.

🔗 Links to Resources: https://businessinfrastructure.tv/2021/07/11/157-tim-dooner-explains-operational-excellence-in-transportation-and-supply-chains

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