158: Using Regenerative Thinking to Achieve Operational Excellence with Carol Sanford


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Carol Sanford has 40+ years of experience working with leaders of companies looking to grow and change the world for the better. As she puts it, “My essence is to disrupt certainty.” But let’s be clear, she’s not a coach or a consultant. Instead, she’s a resource focused on increasing people’s capability for consciousness. Through this consciousness, leaders can grow better businesses.

Her secret sauce is rooted in lessons from her Iroquois heritage and her experience working with high-profile executives at companies like Google and DuPont as well as entrepreneurs and experts.

In this episode, Carol: 1) describes her regenerative thinking method for growing businesses, 2) defines the three types of excellence to strive for in operating a business, and 3) explains why businesses should focus on regeneration instead of transformation. Prepare to be wowed!

🔗 Links to Resources Carol recommends: https://businessinfrastructure.tv/2021/07/18/158-using-regenerative-thinking-to-achieve-operational-excellence-with-carol-sanford

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