167: How an Operational Excellence Culture Catalyzes Scale featuring Gary Nickol


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As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of PSS Gary Nickol aptly describes his role as, “…the glue between staff, customers, and the community.” PSS is a visual aid and communication tools company for educators. Their growth was once stagnated by a top-down leadership model.

That is until new owners came on board.

Gary championed a bottom-up model, one that empowers employees to own their work and the results. This recommendation was rooted in his former experiences leading his own company as well as managing people and overseeing customer support at Best Buy.

In this episode, Gary shares how, in just 16 months, PSS nearly doubled its employee size despite the pandemic. He also describes his guideposts for operational excellence and the role it plays in enabling them to keep up with fast growth without sacrificing quality. Discover how you can apply these concepts to grow and scale your business too!

🔗 Links to Resources Gary recommends: https://businessinfrastructure.tv/2021/09/18/167-how-an-operational-excellence-culture-catalyzes-scale-featuring-gary-nickol

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