168: Alicia Butler Pierre and Kate Erickson Discuss the Workflows and Operational Excellence Behind Entrepreneurs on Fire


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Podcasting has been around longer than you might think. Although the pandemic caused a surge in both listenership and creators, there are some shows that have been around for a long time. Entrepreneurs on Fire (EOFire) is a nearly 10-year-old podcast with over 100M+ downloads and 3,240 episodes and counting!

This is the final episode of Season 13 – Operational Excellence. It features a live recording at the 2021 Podcast Movement Conference with Kate Erickson, the person in charge of back-office operations at EOFire.

Listen as Kate gives us the inside scoop on the workflows and operational excellence strategies that keeps EOFire’s content fresh, their community amped, and their stellar team motivated. There’s value for all entrepreneurs with this episode, even if you don’t have a podcast.

Discover automation tools that will simplify your workflows. Apply concepts Kate shares to build a profitable lead generation or sales funnel. And take advantage of the resources she recommends, including a free copy of EOFire’s production workflow!

🔗 Links to Resources Kate recommends: https://businessinfrastructure.tv/2021/09/26/168-alicia-butler-pierre-and-kate-erickson-discuss-the-workflows-and-operational-excellence-strategies-behind-entrepreneurs-on-fire

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