41: Raising a Unique Child


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Parents, it’s time to REIMAGINE EDUCATION and your children’s experience with school. For a lot of kids, school is a friggin’ disaster. If they don’t fit in the middle-of-the-road lane, then sometimes they have no other OPTIONS.
Our world is changing all around us, and rapidly. Unfortunately, the way we teach our children has not been keeping up. In fact, as my guest explains, we are still STUCK in an 1800s style of education which is doing many of our kids, and their parents, a serious injustice.
Maureen O’Shaughnessy is a TRAILBLAZING school administrator and mother of three. Her master’s and doctorate focused on educational innovation. She is thrilled to use her experience and passion for personalized learning and academic success to innovate and lead a non-traditional, creative “Micro” school.
And on today’s episode, she reveals what’s wrong with our current model and system… and what she’s doing to FIX IT. If you are a parent or know of any parents who have school-age children, you gotta listen to this episode. It will open your mind to a way school can help your kids be happier, healthier, and more successful in a fully supportive environment.
It’s downright incredible. Here’s the deal, we have outliers when it comes to our kids. If it’s that A+ student that is perfectionistic and needs absolute control. If it’s an LGBTQ, if it’s a kid with autism, ADHD, the kid that’s a hands-on kinesthetic learner… Maureen says she has listed nine different kinds of outliers in her new book, Creating Micro-Schools for Colorful Mismatched Kids. NINE! And you start to see that is the MAJORITY of our students.
These are the kids who are NOT middle-of-the-road. And they need something different to FIND SUCCESS.
Thank you so much for listening. I just absolutely LOVE bringing this to you and am so grateful for your support.
Learn about Maureen’s book and find resources for Micro Schools here: http://microschoolcoalition.com/
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