Episode 18 Megan Gallagher, a motivational speaker for teenagers, talks with Lois Sonstegard about anxiety and how she overcame it


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Welcome to Episode 18 of Building My Legacy.
Megan Gallagher, at the age of 23, is an author and speaker addressing key issues facing our teens. Megan struggled with anxiety as a teenager and became almost immobilized by it. With help, she learned how to deal with anxiety so it did not control her life. Today, she shares her story with middle school and high school students to let them know they are not alone, and that anxiety can be managed. Through example, Megan shows teenagers there is hope. She talks about the importance of having purpose and meaning in life. It is from a sense of purpose that we are able to enjoy passion and a sense of self-worth.
So, if you want to know:
- What is anxiety?
- How does anxiety begin to take hold of the lives of our children–even as early as age three?
- What are some of the underlying causes of anxiety in children?
- How do you, as a parent, know when your child’s anxiety requires professional help? - What do parents need to watch for?
- How can a person deal with anxiety?
- What process does Megan use?
- How does Megan use her biggest challenge to bring hope to teenagers?
…Megan provides incredible insight.
In this Podcast we will discuss:
- Megan Gallagher’s story of how she moved from being filled with anxiety to a life driven by purpose — a life in which anxiety is managed.
- Megan’s strategy for coping with and managing anxiety.
- Megan’s tips for parents.
- The one thing Megan is grateful for that has shaped her life.
About Megan Gallagher
Megan Gallagher is a 23-year-old TEDx speaker, author, motivational speaker for teenagers and blogger. Growing up, she struggled with chronic anticipatory anxiety and panic attacks as well as body image issues. From ages 3-17, she felt alone with her struggles and constantly wondered if she was the only one going through it. Through therapy, meditation and exercise, she created a self-care routine that made her feel calm and confident. Now, as a young adult, she has turned her pain into her purpose and is the role model that she wished she had when she was young. She currently speaks at middle schools and high schools about her journey and encourages teenagers to follow their passions. Megan truly feels that everything she has gone through happened for a reason.
About Lois Sonstegard, PhD
Working with business leaders for more than 30 years, Lois has learned the passion successful leaders have to leave a meaningful legacy. Leaders often ask: When does one begin to think about legacy? Is there a “best” approach? Is there a process or steps one should follow?
Lois is dedicated not only to developing leaders but to help them build a meaningful legacy. Learn More about how Lois can help your organization with Leadership Consulting and Executive Coaching: https://build2morrow.com/
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