Global climate change strikes get underway


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About 4,000 strikes are being held around the world, starting in Australia. But what effect will they really have? We speak to California Senator Bob Hertzberg, who in a previous life as an entrepreneur, invested millions into renewable energy projects. The US state of New Mexico has announced it will no longer charge tuition fees for state residents who study at its public colleges and universities. Is this the right policy? Kate O’Neill, cabinet secretary at New Mexico's Higher Education Department, explains the decision. And we speak to the author of a recent report from Harvard Business School, which says that being able to WFA - work from anywhere - makes us more productive than working in the office. Jamie Robertson is joined throughout the programme by Paddy Hirsch, editor of NPR podcast The Indicator from Planet Money, who's in Los Angeles, and by Rachel Cartland, author and former civil servant in Hong Kong. (Picture: Activist Greta Thunberg with climate protesters. Credit: Jahi Chikwendiu/Getty Images)

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