Is Facebook biased?


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Former US Republican senator Jon Kyl says he has spent the last year compiling a report into how the algorithms on the site work, that’s machine code that can supposedly predict what you might like to read or see, and he says Facebook has “significant work to do” in order to satisfy concerns it has an anti-conservative bias. So how much weight is this report being given? Also in the programme, Pakistan says it intends to take the dispute over Kashmir to the International Court of Justice, which comes two weeks after India removed the special status of the portion of the disputed territory it controls. Plus, the government in Colombia has passed a law allowing large scale cultivation of cannabis plant – for medicinal purposes – and it has just started selling licences to those who want to process and export them. We hear from one company, MedCann. And we look at the controversy surrounding the decision by Duke and Duchess of Sussex, otherwise known as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, to take four private jets in the past 11 days. While Elton John has jumped to defend their environmental credentials, we ask what is actually carbon tax that was paid to offset the damage done by flying. PHOTO: Facebook, Getty Images

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