Tensions increase over Saudi oil attack


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The race is on to restore Saudi’s oil facilities to full capacity - we get the latest from the BBC’s Security Correspondent Frank Gardner who is at the oil plant which was attacked by drones. Also in the programme, vaping was seen as a safer alternative to smoking, but electronic cigarettes are being banned in countries around the world and now by America's largest retailer, Walmart; we take an in depth look at the businesses involved behind the scenes. And we bring tales from the fashion catwalk to show just how hard it is making it big in the fashion business. We discuss all this with guests Dr Stephanie Hare, a tech expert in the UK, and Colin Peacock from Newswatch at Radio New Zealand in Wellington. (Image: A destroyed metal installation in Saudi Arabia's Abqaiq oil processing plant. Photo by Fayez Nureldine / AFP/ Getty Images)

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