#7 Bringing your studio into the 21st century


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Welcome to the 21st century, where floating cars, live in robots, and time machines may not exist, but technology does plays a big role in our lives, and the success of businesses worldwide. I touched on this in our blog series, and I want to stress again, when it comes the traffic you receive within your online social channels, it can determine the traffic of your in studio success. In this episode I will discuss how to use technology to your advantage when promoting, advertising, and setting up your studio, to create your dream business & dance community in your area.

So how can you use technology to your advantage for your business?

Set up a good base on social channels :

  • Instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat etc. Including consistent pictures & info for those trying to find your studio.
  • Posting regularly: (co:schedule) - same content across the channels is ok
  • All of the ‘live’ features are working extremely effectively, try and incorporate in your posting schedule
  • Be open to having multiple platforms to distribute your information ie. Starting a podcast, Fb live streams, youtube channel as well as having a blog on your website -reference ep.003-5 with blogging series and repurposing the information to increase SEO. Essentially be everywhere and consistent!
  • If you can’t keep up - select your 2 main platforms and do those REALLY well
  • Having Youtube channel is great option to showcase the talent in your studio, routines that have been worked on, students landing their first aerial etc.
  • We all know there are so many copyright issues on FB - youtube is generally better for this and you can share the link across multiple channels
  • You never know who will see these videos, or if it would go viral. This is a great way to show the world your studio, and get others interested in signing up.

Consistency with your online Branding.

  • Having reoccurring colours & style that will help others find your studio with the online sources mentioned above.
  • Helps others identify your distinct business/studio. (ex. DES: turquoise, pink, black & white, circular logo, lightning bolt) etc.
  • You can set up templates on softwares such as Canva and easily load photos once a week to ensure brand consistency.
  • Alternatively - create a brand guideline and system to get a VA or your Admin Assistant to take over the job

Moving your studio towards becoming mostly if not all paper free.

  • Emailing the information parents need when signing up or studio updates.
  • If you can, use as little paper as possible. This will result in less important papers/forms getting lost, or chewed by the dog etc.
  • Not to mention it’s much more environmentally friendly and economical.

Use student’s tech-savvy upbringing to your advantage.

  • Now although phones may not be permitted in the dance class, having students occasionally film, take pictures, snap, Insta- story etc. a routine they have been working on, or dance move and share to social media, could be another way to help grow your business.
  • Using studio hashtags, location markers or geo tagging is a great way to get the kids excited and share with their friends.
  • For concerts and special occasions, you can create a custom snapchat filter for your students to use, parents & team to use. Link on details added to shownotes. You can get someone to create for a small fee or create yourself for free. https://www.snapchat.com/l/en-gb/on-demand/
  • Get them involved and use their skills to attract others, their friends to be future or potential clients/students.
  • Be sure to review your social media policies if starting to encourage sharing in the classroom and of each other. You can ask students to only share footage of themselves etc.

Outsource tasks!

  • The beauty of the internet is you can get practically whatever you desire online...which may sound strange but if you use it to your advantage to grow your business you could see a huge difference with student signups & profitability.
  • Don’t know how to do something? Pay someone to do it for you.
  • Hire a VA, Fiverr/Upwork etc. (refer to ep 002.)
  • Get someone else to write that blog post, design your logo, set up your website, create your brand guideline etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to get assistance, help or someone else to provide a service when you have SO many other things to worry about, aka running your own studio!
  • Build a team and don’t feel guilty that you got others to help or that you didn’t do it yourself because everyone plays a role in your team, and your role is being the boss. Know your lane, and stay in it.

Learn yourself, then educate others

  • This may contradict the previous point but bare with me: Learn how to do new things or build another skill useful for your studio or something you can teach, staff, students or assistance to do in the future.
  • The internet is your oyster, use it to your advantage and teach yourself something new!
  • Build a new skill, learn how to use a new social channel helpful to your business.
  • As great & useful as it is to have others do tasks for you, it’s also great to know how to do them yourself either in a case of an emergency or just something to put into your knowledge bank.
  • Learning is never over with your studio and in life
  • This also helps you to stay up to date with new technology, programs, apps and studio advancements, and keeps you in the loop.

At the end of the day, technology is not to be feared, but embraced. Learning a new skill or platform can be daunting - but remember this is something we ask our students to do every day of the week. Be patient, allow yourself time to learn and get the hang of it and if it still frustrating - grab a glass of wine!

And if you’re stuck…. Google it!

Be sure to check out next week’s episode where I discuss knowing your worth and building confidence as a business owner.

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