#8 Knowing your worth & Building confidence as a business owner


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It’s easy to feel lost amidst the sea of fellow entrepreneurs, business owners and creative individuals. Under the stress of everything your mind may begin to wonder, and you start to question “Am I even good enough?” “ Will anyone take me seriously?” It can seem challenging to feel and know your worth when there are 1000’s of other people in this world going after the same dream: owning a business. You can feel stuck and alone, but I’m here today to tell you that these feelings are completely natural. That being said, in order for your business to thrive and succeed, you need to believe it will by knowing your worth and finding the confidence that inspired you to start your business in the first place! In today’s episode I’ll dive into the mindset, every entrepreneur should have, either in the early days of their career, or as a long time business owner, for a happy life & thriving business.

What are the mindset shifts for successful business owners & entrepreneurs?

Keep listening to find out!

  • We have all heard it before, but the truth is there is only one “you”. Sure, maybe there are 100’s of people, who have the same name as you, same eye & hair colour, who also own a studio, a business, want to be an entrepreneur, but there is only one YOU who will see what you see behind those eyes.
  • You need to understand that each individual is uniquely different in her/his own way, and will interpret, or do things in their own distinct way.
  • Consequently, you will attract people to your business, whether they be new clients or team members, as you are unique! Embrace it. Remember polarising is a good thing.
  • Even if someone is also a dance studio owner, who has a podcast, like myself, they may do things completely different to me, because there is only one me, and my view on the world is completely unique to me. Certain families & team members have been attracted to my studio by the way I represent myself and the studio within the community, as well as how we conduct business.
  • And not only is no one else like you, the very odds of YOU being born into this world is amazing. So why waste your talents, and dreams just because others are doing something similar. Everyone has something unique to offer and bring to the table, and now it’s your turn.

Being present

  • Being in the present moment is oh so important not just when running your business but with life in general.
  • Ensure you take to time to celebrate the small milestones as well, whether that be a new student enrolling, a team member stepping up, a student finally tackling a new skill. Living in the now & enjoying the moment can do wonders for a positive mindset.
  • That being said, something I believe also to be helpful is to look back & reflect, even for just a moment, to see how far you’ve come.
  • Journalling is fantastic way to download all the thoughts you have in relation to new ideas, problems, celebrations…. Everything! It is also a fantastic tool to look back on and see how far you’ve come.
  • Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of constantly thinking and planning for the future that we forget how far we’ve come. In order to be more in the present, we have to see where we’ve come from.
  • Maybe your business isn’t going the way you thought it would, or plans have changed along the way, but in the past you didn’t even have a business, or you were just in the creative process.
  • What I’m getting at is, you will appreciate where you are now a lot more when you recognize that you have made progress, movement in your life, and accomplishments which will give you a sense of pride.
  • I know personally I am always setting new goals for studio enrolment & profit etc. Sometimes if I don’t hit a milestone within a certain time frame, I can feel frustrated or disappointed. During times like these, I like to remember where I started - with 0 students, business experience, team members or a location!

Stop the comparison game

  • Stop comparing yourself! Like I said in point one, there is only one you!
  • It’s easy to just take a peak beside you and see what others are doing, and question yourself, thinking they are doing better than yourself but that is not true. Everyone is on their own journey and goes at difference paces. My best advice is, if you must look at others, be it only for inspiration, not comparison, otherwise just focus on you.
  • Remember, what we see online is often the highlights reel. No one is posting a photo on Facebook of them balling their eyes out with a bottle of wine and empty chocolate packet.
  • Life is like driving, you have to look towards where you want to go, and stay in your lane!

Clear vision

  • Having a clear vision for your business can help you stay focused on the tasks at hand and can leave little to no room for doubt.
  • Once you have a laser focus on your goals, you can start to feel more determined to have a clear understanding of the mini steps it will take to complete the goal.
  • It is easy to doubt and question when your vision is unclear. So write down what it is that you want and the direction where you desire your business to go and you will see your mindset start to shift. So when doubt comes knocking on your door, you can simply say “I don’t have time for that”

Let go

  • Let go of the little things.
  • We all make mistakes, make the wrong move at the wrong time or take a risk that didn’t pan out.
  • Learning to let go and not beat yourself up will save you time worrying and build your confidence to move forward.
  • I posted a great concept on instagram the other day (*cough* follow me at claireosheacoaching) that was about the 5 x 5 rule. If it’s not going to matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes upset about it.
  • Even the most successful people mess up, consider it a part of the journey rather than the end of the road.
  • When you know that things happen sometimes beyond your control, being able to move on and learn from your mistakes will give you a sense of perspective, and acceptance, not only with your work, but in yourself.

Understand that your worth isn’t determined by your success.

  • It’s great when your business is thriving and doing well. You feel great and everyone else sees it. But when things aren’t going your way you can begin to doubt again. But the truth is your business doesn't determine your value, YOU do!
  • It is up to you to feel how you want to feel, and know your worth & value, that’s when the tables really start to turn. Once you know you are worth it, and believe you deserve the success in your business you desire, then things start working out in your favour.
  • It’s a mindset game, confidence. It starts with you.
  • You cannot allow others or your business to define you, you define you.
  • If you choose to be that successful entrepreneur, and feel you are, then you will be.

Mindset tips & tricks

  • Visualisation is great tool to get clear on your goals & dreams. Create a vision board on pinterest, or go old school and print and cut it all out. Taking 5 minutes every day to visualise your dream studio, dream house, dream holiday can really help distill your many business goals.
  • Journalling: great way to reflect, work through any problems and get it out there! Sometimes we don’t feel comfortable talking or complaining about a certain studio problem - writing it all down can be very cathartic.
  • Create a list of positive personal affirmations that you repeat to yourself each day. These can be focussed on any mental blocks you have about success, money, growth etc. Incase you haven’t heard of affirmations they are positive, brain training statements that help to shift your focus from the negative - where a lot of us spend our time - to the positive.
  • It’s basically technique training for your mind.

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