Controlled Responses


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This week we discuss our responses negative actions by others...patients, team members, friends. I use a recent Facebook ad as an example. Take a listen and see if you can relate to the conversation on episode 76 of Business of Dentistry. More About Business of Dentistry Today we are talking about something new we are trying in our office: social media marketing. Traditionally, an oral surgery practice is built on referrals. We work to build relationships and partnerships with other dental offices who then refer patients to us, and we refer patients to them as well. The majority of our practice is still run from this model, and we are grateful for the trust and confidence our referrals have in us and our services. In terms of other marketing, in the past we've done a few different things. I've tried radio spots, educational TV spots, and I have been a guest on local radio station programs. But we've never done any internet marketing or social media marketing, until now. I took a look at Dr. Anissa Holmes' Facebook advertising program, I'm a member of her WOW community so I put together a Facebook ad based on her training. Of course I have a marketing director who can do this, but I wanted to play with Facebook ads because I like the technology and I like building and creating lead capture advertising. So I built a few Facebook ads and did some testing with one versus another to see if we could get a response and get traction. My ad was aimed at people within a 25 mile radius of my office and it was for people wisdom teeth problems. The ad said: "33% of people are born without wisdom teeth. If you aren't lucky enough to be one of them and you need your wisdom teeth out go here to learn more." When they clicked on the ad it would send them to a page I specifically created to address the most common questions I hear about wisdom teeth. I thought by sending people to this page they could get their questions answered, and contact us if they had more questions or wanted a consult (there are some call to actions, CTAs, on the page where they can connect with us directly). I created the ads, played with them a bit and then submitted them. Not long after, people I had worked with in the past - people who had had their wisdom teeth out in my office - were liking and sharing these ads. It was nice, and I appreciated their support. Then a guy posted a negative comment on one of my ads - something I never considered before I submitted the ad and I'm telling you about it here so you can be aware if you do social media ads. I wondered if I should reply to his comment, I wanted to give a smart ass answer but I tried to be professional and act appropriately. The bottom line is I can't control what other people think or say, none of us can. But we can control the way we react or respond to others. So I replied as professionally as I could by saying: "You make an excellent point (insert his name) - if 100% of people were born without wisdom teeth then I'd definitely have to rethink my choice of profession." I thought of saying a few other things, but I didn't! My point is you're going to have people who respond to your ad, and you have to be quick and pivot with your answer because social media is what it is. Whatever social media you are using expect to have some blowback, some critics and some people who complain. It's okay. I get frustrated and I have my own bubble thoughts (like in cartoons), but I filter them and don't say them or post them online. Think about it this way: we're not the most loved profession in the world, folks. People hesitate to come to us, then we do things to them that they don't like and we charge them money for it. So if we can be successful in our career, something many people hate and talk about negatively, then we should pat ourselves on the back! People are going to be critical, so be ready to respond and be ready for criticism. Another thing I'd suggest is writing the response ...

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