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This week I discuss my search for a new officer manager using - check out episode 60 of the Business of Dentistry to find out how it's going... More About This Show If you have listened to previous episodes of the show you know my office manager Paul is leaving the practice to move to China. You can hear the full details here if you missed it. As a result, I'm having to do something I haven't done in awhile and that is hire a new staff member. Paul and I have been talking about how to do this, how to find applicants and have them apply for his position. Ideally, we'll be bringing someone on board before he leaves so there can be some training time with Paul and the transition can go smoothly. Paul reminded me recently that he only has a few weeks left so we should start this process asap. With that in mind, we considered all the possible places to post the ad. I've done a lot of things in the past like taking out ads in the local community newspapers, anonymous ads on Craigslist, etc. I've even hired people through word of mouth, but most of them haven't worked out! The staff members I have right now have come through different venues, mainly not word of mouth though. So as we were thinking of different ways to put out a classified ad for Paul's position, I came across a resource called DentalPost. DentalPost is a dental employment resource where you can post your job opening, you can search resumes and match yourself with candidates. You can also drill down to see only candidates in your local area. Last week I posted this job and listed some basic information about the practice and gave the title of the job opening as Front Office Administrator. In under 30 minutes I started getting emails! They were all local, within reasonable driving distance. However, most of these resumes were from dental assistants wanting to get into the oral surgery field. They had some stellar backgrounds but obviously were not going to be a fit for Paul's position. I don't think this was a problem on DentalPost's end, I think it was a candidate issue. The people applying either didn't read the ad thoroughly or were simply being proactive in hopes of getting a leg in the door of the practice. So I don't fault DentalPost for the unqualified candidates we got, I think it is a good system that delivers opportunities to their candidates quickly. Among those candidates, I did find one potential candidate to interview. Paul is taking some time off so we haven't had a chance to set that interview up, but we found the candidate through DentalPost so I can say the site does work! It has also shown me what a huge time suck print ads are because people who aren't qualified call with questions, they fax in and drop off their resumes. I would not recommend using local print ads and won't be doing that again! DentalPost avoids all of that hassle, you only receive emails coming to one specific email inbox. Also, if you use the DentalPost site to list an opening be sure your staff knows because they will know after you post it! Within 24 hours my staff knew a posting had gone up because their friends in the dental industry were calling and texting them about it! Now I'd love to hear from you - have you used DentalPost? If so, what has been your experience? Leave a comment below or email me. Let me know if there is another service you like too. Thanks for reaching out and thanks for listening to episode 60 of the Business of Dentistry. Tweetable: "It's been a learning experience for me!" Episode Resources DentalPost Email me Business of Dentistry on Facebook Connect with me on Twitter

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