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This week I make my pitch for the Voices of Dentistry Live Summit, talk about trust and crispy fries...all on this episode of Business of Dentistry. More About Business of Dentistry There are a few things we're going to talk about today, one of the first is the Voices of Dentistry live summit. It will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona on January 26 - 27, 2018. I was invited to speak last year and I'm excited to be there again this year as a speaker! There are a number of great reasons to attend: you get 16 hours of CE credit, great information and, what I think is the most valuable, the networking. Last year I learned as much in the hallways talking to people as I did in the sessions. I've also heard the podcast lounge is going to be bigger and better. I look forward to sitting down with you and to hear your ideas, your thoughts and maybe even interview you when you're there. If you're a student (like Jackie from episode 79!) there's special pricing for you. You can find more of the details at the Voices of Dentistry web site. Switching gears now, we're going to revisit my recommendation to trust but always verify. If you've listened before you've heard me say this and today I'll reiterate why. Personally, I failed to follow my own guideline this past week. As a result, I'm disappointed in myself and the vendor. We'd been working together for 16 years and I thought we had a history I could rely on. But i found out this week I was wrong; I had paid this vendor for things that hadn't been completed, so I'm disappointed in myself and in this company. Now I'm going to find a replacement before I tell the rep that we're not going to work with them any longer. But the lesson I want you to learn is you have to verify you are getting what you paid for. We're often targets as dentists because we're all learning the business ropes. So I'm sharing this lesson to remind you to trust but verify. And I'll revisit this particular instance as I make the transition in my office. Our final topic this week is crispy waffle fries at Chick-fil-A. My kids love this place so we went there this weekend. When we have gone in the past I've always had them make my fries extra crispy, they're basically burned because that's the way I like them. So this weekend when we went, I placed my order and was shocked when the woman said they no longer make crispy fries. It was so surprising because their customer service has always been amazing. They have always been exceptional at asking what they can do for you and then doing it, whatever it is that you ask for. I'm sure there is a valid business reason for this change, but in my mind this was a huge shift in their policies. And it got me thinking about how and where I might be doing this in my own practice. I tried to put myself in the shoes of my patients and think through our process to see if there is anything we do that could be perceived as bad customer service. Is there anything we do in our practice that we could alter to make the customer happier? Are things like early morning visits, block scheduling, filling out forms, after hours forms, etc., not helpful to your patients? It's a question worth asking and worth investigating. So to recap today's show, make sure you are revisiting your vendors and make sure you are getting the products and services you pay for. Be sure you are consistently reviewing your customer service and what you are saying no to them about. If you have any questions feel free to email me or leave a message below, after you listen to episode 80 of Business of Dentistry. And be sure to join me at the Voices of Dentistry summit in January of 2018! Tweetable: “You have to verify you are getting what you paid for.” Episode Resources Voices of Dentistry Summit 2018 Jocko Podcast Email me Business of Dentistry on Facebook Connect with me on Twitter Leave a review and subscribe on iTunes

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