‘Marketing mindset’ a key to transforming healthcare, digital health?


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Why are marketing tools, techniques and approaches so important to transforming healthcare? In his BOH interview, Zeev Neuwirth, MD says, “The field, in my estimation, that really understands what people want and need is the field of marketing.” An Atrium Health clinical executive and author of recently published Reframing healthcare - roadmap for creating disruptive change, Neuwirth describes the ‘marketing mindset’, stages systems go through embracing these techniques, the threat marketing experts Google, Amazon and CVS bring and the implications for payment reform, digital health and chronic disease management.

Interview filmed in partnership with the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD) and sponsored by MedChat. MedChat provides LiveChat, Bots and text tools for a modern digital front door www.medchatapp.com

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