#25 - Michael Lines, CISO and Entrepreneur - Overloaded Security Leader?


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Overloaded Security Leader? In this episode Michael Lines joins Chad Boeckmann and Malcolm Harkins in a discussion about tactically prioritizing security efforts and what it means to get real traction. This episode explores supplier risk versus third-party risk and how this relates to overall business objectives and outcomes. Further discussion evolves into the problematic challenge of a new CISO where results must be achieved now and how to set-up a "trading" system internally to curtail budget and achieve progress without unnecessary investments in more tools that can at times cause more complications than benefit. In summary this episode explores how to overcome the overloaded mindset as a security leader. Listen now!
Guest: Michael Lines, CISO (https://heuristicsecurity.com/about-heuristic-security/)
Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer, Cymatic
Chad Boeckmann, CEO TrustMAPP (d.b.a Secure Digital Solutions)
Sponsored by TrustMAPP (https://trustmapp.com)

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