#114: How to grow your floral business using one single app with CEO Corrine Heck


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In this episode, Angela and Corrine discuss:

*Taking a leap to tackle the seemingly impossible

*Working with Software Developers-- today’s rockstars

*Customer Service- the good, the bad and the ugly

*Staying true to your mission and your promises

Key Takeaways:

*Be Profitable, never run out of cash *Believe in yourself first, or no one else will *Surround yourself with positive mentors, influencers and other dreamers *Personal touches-- and making a good first impression

"If I can offer any advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs it would be this: Never give up. When your dreams may seem audacious or impossible, and no one believes in them, remember you are enough. You can do it. Dream bigger." — Corrine Heck

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