What women want: femtech in the Philippines


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Femtech, or technology focused on women’s health, is an unexplored space in the Philippines, where the startup ecosystem is mostly male.

“We need more investors to see that femtech presents a viable investment opportunity. And that can be explained by an ongoing trend in diversity and recognition of the importance of preventive health, not just sick care,” said Maria Jessica J. de Mesa, co-founder and chief executive officer of Kindred, a femtech startup.

In this B-Side episode, she tells BusinessWorld reporter Brontë H. Lacsamana what needs to be done in order to translate policy into programs when it comes to women’s health.

“Women have waited long enough for the reproductive health services and information we deserve,” she said.

Recorded remotely in April 2022. Produced by Earl R. Lagundino and Sam L. Marcelo.

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