034: Build a Focused, Productive, and Profitable Lifestyle w/ Lyman Montgomery


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Focus, Prioritize & Achieve Your Profitable Lifestyle

Get your pen and notepad ready before you start this episode. My guest, Lyman A. Montgomery delivers so many critical lessons it is hard to keep up! Join us as we get focused, become more productive, and learn to build a more profitable lifestyle in this episode!

Focus - Deal with Distractions
  • Psychological Distractions
    • Triage - Write down the strongest emotion you feel
  • Process Distractions
    • Happen when you have no sustainable systems in place
  • People Distractions
    • Constant Interruptions...especially at home office
    • Create and stick to office hours
    • Create automated "busy" notification on phone and email
    • Train people to respect your time
    • Have a dedicated line for emergencies
    • Be clear about what constitutes an emergency
  • Email Distractions: Only Three Types of Email
    • Somebody owes you something
    • You owe something to someone
    • TRASH
  • Products & Gadgets Distractions
    • Only use products that add value
    • Split test control (standard method) versus variable (the product or gadget)
    • Keep only those products that increase productivity
    • Ease of use is very important
Prioritize - Impact is Greater Than Importance
  • Write down everything you need to do: random order is fine
  • Select five that you feel need to be done most
  • Cut that list to three critical tasks that must be done TODAY

"A Confused Mind Never Buys"

  • Rank top three tasks based on IMPACT, not importance
  • Prioritize tasks for maximum impact with the greatest reach

"It's not what's important to you, it's what impactful to your client"

Achieve - Celebrate Small Victories

Whenever your mind begins to wander, ask:

"What should I be focusing in on, RIGHT NOW?"

  • Be aware of your breathing patterns...be still
  • Breathe, hydrate, move
  • Physiology mirrors Psychology
F.O.C.U.S. - Follow One Course Until Successful
  • F.O.C.U.S. at home, at work, and at play
  • Remember the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule)
    • Spend 80% of your time focused and working
    • Dedicate 20% of your time to break and relax
  • For Every Big Idea, have a notepad or board for each

T.U.R.B.O. - Timestamp, Understand the impact, Resources needed, Bundle required tasks, Outcome metrics (how you measure success)

Who's Going to Get Things Done?

"The answer to the question should not always be, 'Me'."

Three Types of Teams
  • Volunteers / Ambassadors
    • Spread the word
    • Take care of technical tasks
  • Paid Team
  • Exchange of Services Team
    • Value Exchange
    • Bartering
    • Joint Ventures

Gotta have all three types of teams in place to be successful.

What Was the Biggest Challenge You've Overcome

Building a team, but...

The real challenge was FEAR

F.I.S.T. - Facts, Interpretation, Story, Truth
  • Facts: Real things that may have happened to you or other people in the past
  • Interpretation: Giving life to those facts by viewing the potential future through a negatively biased lens
  • Story: Crafting a scary story about the future based on your interpretation of old facts
  • Truth: The scary story you created has not become your truth, and it paralyzes you
Overcome F.I.S.T. by Reversing the Process
  • Truth: Your truth that you know about yourself
  • Story: How you and your truth really fit into the surrounding environment, and the impact that you know you can and will make
  • Interpretation: How you share that story with others and influence outcomes
  • Facts: Real-life outcomes that you made happen by following the above steps
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