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In this episode, I breakdown the the reasons behind and benefits of rebranding the show from “Buy Black: Build the New Black Wall Street” to “Buy Black Podcast | The Voice of Black Business”.

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3 Key Points:
  1. Rebranding made it easier for the show to get found by people searching the keywords “black business” and “black entrepreneur”
  2. Rebranding put Buy Black Podcast into a stronger, more authoritative position in the marketplace
  3. Rebuilding the website made it easier for the great, exclusive resources we’ve aggregated at https://buyblackpodcast.com to be found and used by the people who need them
Voices of Black Business Show Notes

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  • Today’s Voice of Black Business: Brand New Rebranding Episode for the Buy Black Podcast Brand

  • [00:03:10]Acknowledgements & Appreciation to Listener Bryonna, who pushed me to rebuild the Buy Black Podcast website
  • Why Rebrand the show?
    • [08:30:00] To Get Found
      • Nobody searches for “Black Wall Street”
      • Grayscale cover art didn’t stand out in the directory
      • People search the terms “Black Entrepreneur” and “Black Business” much more often
      • Changing the name had immediate effects
        • Apple Podcasts - Top 30 results
        • Spotify - Top 3 results
        • Stitcher - #1 result for “Black Business”!
    • [00:15:30] To take a Stronger Market Position - Convey Authority in the industry
      • The Voice of Black Business

        • Where Black Businesses come to have their voices heard
        • Where consumers come to hear Black Business Voices
        • Where media outlets come to get the Black Business perspective
      • More media options while representing one brand
        • Blog writers (written voice)
        • Videos (black product reviews)
        • Live Radio Programs (real-time connections)
    • [00:19:00] Freedom - To Be Myself Behind the Mic
      • “Buy Black: Build the New Black Wall Street is a very “woke” name
      • Felt like I had to take every subject seriously
      • Had to do every episode from a serious angle
      • I felt trapped in the “wokeness” of my own project
      • “If you find that you’ve built a prison for yourself, tear it down and build a vacation resort in its place.” -Gerald Jones
      • Being in business is fun, trying new things is fun
      • Recording a podcast should be fun
      • The Voice of Black Business can be serious or silly, insightful or insecure...as long as it’s genuine
  • What changed?
    • [00:26:30] The Podcast
      • Name
      • Artwork
      • Format (keep it tight)
    • [00:27:50] The Website
      • [00:30:20] Homepage
        • Quickly navigate to what you’re looking for
        • Navigation Box: “What Do You Want To Do?”
          • Listen to the Show - Embedded Smart Podcast Player
          • Be A Guest - Guest Information Form & Schedule Pre-Interview
          • Support Black Businesses - Black Business Directory..Directory
          • [00:38:15] Start A Business - Links to Register a New Business in Each State
          • Find & Share Resources - Over 200 Business Building Resources
            • Add new links to our list
            • Embed our list on your website
          • Learn More - Our Story (About Us Page)
            • Mission - Amplify the Voices of Black Business
            • Vision - Be ‘First In Mind’ for Building and Supporting Black Business
            • Core Values - “Community First. People Always.”
      • [00:43:40] Menu
        • About
          • Instagram Feed
          • Press Kit
          • Media Features
        • Podcast
          • Subscribe to the Show
          • Download the App
          • Sponsorship Packages
          • Make a Donation on Patreon
        • Resource Library
        • [00:52:00] Shop
      • Sidebar
        • Download & Subscribe Links

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Joylynn M. Ross: “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business” Conference EXCLUSIVE OFFER Exclusive Buy Black Podcast Promotional Offer Buy Black Podcast Exclusive Black Business Resources!
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  2. Black Business Directories...Directory!
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  4. Entrepreneurs Toolkit
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