060: If Your Mind Ain't Right, Your Business Ain't Tight - Self Care Tips w/ Spiritual Healer Avalaura


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Your business should be a reflection of your true self. Learn practical self care tips to embrace your reality, tap into your purpose, and live in HEALTHY prosperity with my guest, Life Coach and Spiritual Healer Avalaura Gaither.

3 Key Points:
  1. Your business should be a reflection of you. “If your mind ain’t right, your business ain’t tight!”
  2. Give yourself permission to RELAX. If you’re incapable of doing that (Like Myself) connect with a Life Coach, Spiritual Healer, or guide who can help you.
  3. Self Care is the best Health Care!
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Voices of Black Business Show Notes

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Today’s Voice of Black Business: You Need a Life Coach - Learning Entrepreneur Self Care w/ Avalaura Gaither Avalaura’s #1 Piece of Advice: "Self Care is the best Healthcare! If you're practicing self care, that is the best thing that you can do for yourself, for your business, for your family...for everybody!"
  • [02:45] Interview begins.
  • [06:15] From total job dissatisfaction and depression to the retreat that changed Avalaura’s outlook
  • [09:00] Taking the “Red Pill” - Avalaura’s 6-month Healing Sabbatical
  • [20:00] What it looks like to be “existing” but not really LIVING
  • [25:00] What it looks like to be living in your SUPER SOUL SUCCESS
  • [34:10] Back from break - The Origins of Avalaura’s Healing Center
  • [36:35] How Avalaura took ownership of her niche in the Life Coaching Industry
    • Power Quote: “If Your Mind Ain’t Right, Your Business Ain’t Tight”
  • [48:15] Doing the work to find your core BEFORE building your business
    • Your business should be aligned with who you are as a person
  • [30:00] Keys to the reflection process for business owners and entrepreneurs
  • [35:00] Meditation & Self Care - Most people don’t know how to meditate correctly
  • [40:00] Avalaura’s process for Guided Meditation & Progressive Relaxation
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