062: How You Can Dress Sharp without Wasting Money on New Clothes w/ Tyron Cutner


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You want the world to see you at your best, but your bank account is not cooperating. No problem. Tyron Cutner, founder of WellDressedAcademy.com, will teach you how to dress sharp starting with the clothes you already own. Stop wasting money on new clothes and start taking control of your image without breaking the bank!

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[04:25] A Hard Look in the Mirror
  • Girlfriend cheating
  • Decided to change image
  • Started wearing professional clothes everywhere
  • People started looking at me differently
  • “I started to see myself differently”
[07:28] From Bus Driver to COO in a Few Short Months
  • On the road working for Greyhound...lots of time to think but no opportunity to act
  • Would drop back into his comfort zone when he returned home
  • The cheating incident gave him the motivation to make new moves
  • A friend, CEO of a non-profit organization, noticed the change and offered Ty the COO job
[09:10] New Circles, New Opportunities
  • Started going out more, “I wanted people to see me”
  • Got more invites to higher level events
  • Friends want to bring me around...I make them look good around THEIR friends
  • Shortly thereafter, Ty started teaching his friends how to dress as sharp as he does
  • He decided to create the Well Dressed Academy
[17:00] The Keys to Dressing Sharp
  • Take lessons from The Godfather
  • Being sharp is about fit, not fashion
  • Emphasize masculine body features
    • Big chest
    • Wide back
    • Larger feet
    • Bigger hands
  • Your clothes need to frame you properly to accentuate your best attributes
[20:25] Choose Classic Men’s Styles over Fashion Trends
  • Take lessons from Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill, Al Capone
  • Classic style has not changed in the last 100 years
  • Whatever body style you have, there are classic style clothes that will make you look good
  • Invest in clothes that will never go out of style
  • Have your clothes tailored to frame you properly
  • Fit close to your body without being tight
  • “Close, but comfortable”
[25:15] How to Look Sharp Without Breaking the Bank
  • “Having money doesn’t make you sharp”
  • It’s all about the knowledge first...fit over fashion
  • “Start with the clothes you already own”
  • Get them altered or tweaked to fit your body perfectly
  • “Get comfortable wearing those clothes when it’s NOT necessary”
  • To look sharp, you have to believe you’re sharp
Questions from the Live Audience [31:00] Do you help with women who want to help their men dress better?

Best thing you can do is introduce him to Ty and/or Ty’s content. A woman can help with fashion, but a man must take control of his own image. Ty teaches men to take control of their image first. Then, you can help him find and wear fashionable clothes that fit properly.

[33:15] What do you do when your body is transitioning?
  • “You want to have clothes that fit the body you have now”
  • Find the clothes you have that fit you best, and get them altered to fit you properly until your body can stabilize
  • You never want to wear baggy clothes - subconsciously, it makes you look like you’re wearing someone else’s clothes
  • People don’t know “the rules” of men’s clothing styles, but visually they can tell when you are breaking the rules because something just looks off
[37:05] Do you work with teens and young men to help them dress for success?
  • In the process of building out the Well Dressed Academy membership site for people who do not want 1-on-1 coaching
  • Young men can learn these skills early to help open doors
    • Teachers
    • Coaches
    • Counselors
    • College
    • Jobs
  • People want to help young people who look like they care about themselves and their futures
[41:20] About Well Dressed Academy

“My goal is to help you become the sharpest in the room...any room.”

  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Online courses
  • How-to videos
  • Group coaching cohorts

Most guys reach out because they feel something is missing in their life

Connect with Ty

Email: tycutner@gmail.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/tyron.cutner

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tycutner/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tycutner/

[46:30] #1 Piece of Advice for Buy Black Podcast Listeners
  • “Your appearance matters”
  • “How you dress tells people how you feel about yourself in that moment”
  • “For every door you want to walk through in life, there is a person holding the key to that door...and you never know when you’re going to meet them”
  • “Be prepared”
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