063: Why Most Facebook Ads Campaigns Fail and How You Can Make Yours Profitable w/ David W Williams


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How much time and money have you dumped into failed Facebook Ads Campaigns? Don’t blame Facebook! They’ve built an excellent marketing platform, but as the business owner, YOU have to do your part! My guest, David W Williams, CEO of Digital Underground Sales & Marketing, is here to teach you why most Facebook Ads Campaigns Fail and how you can avoid expensive pitfalls to make yours profitable.

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Started off as an Email Marketer
  • [03:45]
  • Built email lists
  • Sold them to other digital marketers
  • Got into facebook ads when they first started around 2013
  • Started build his business for himself mastering Facebook Ads
What makes Facebook Ads so powerful
  • [05:00]
  • If your target audience is over 25, they are probably on facebook
  • It’s the platform with the widest reach…”unlimited traffic”
  • Advertising on websites, there’s a limit to the number of people you can get your offer in front of
  • Facebook makes it easy to start doing ads, but you need a little education to do it effectively
Download the Free PDF Highlight Reel! Click here to download David's top Facebook ad campaign tips from the episode. Why do most Facebook Ad Campaigns Fail?
  • [07:00]
  • Most business owners do not know their numbers
  • Going to facebook, spending money on ads, but don’t have Key Performance Indicators setup
  • Most businesses really don’t know who they’re marketing to
  • Their customer avatar is very “thin”
  • Facebook is a great platform, but it doesn’t do the marketing work for you
How to identify your Customer Avatar
  • [09:30]
  • This is the “ideal person” that you are trying to do business with
  • Like building a FBI profile, you should have a robust profile of the type of person you are targeting with your marketing
How to find the Psychographic Information
  • [11:50]
  • 30-40 years ago you had to do focus groups
  • Today, people tell you everything they think and feel on the internet
  • Find where your customers hang out (blogs, social media), and follow them and observe what they say
  • Sit on blogs and read all of the comments, develop the information trends and find out how you need to target your marketing
  • You must do the front-end marketing work to be successful with back-end advertising
Marketing vs. Advertising
  • [16:40]
  • 1954 Video, “Selling to the Negro”: https://youtu.be/04myb2Dzo9Q
  • Marketers break down the psychology of the black buyer, then sell that information to companies so they know how to get our dollars
  • Marketing is a science, Advertising is a technical practice
  • Marketing is the deep psychological work of figuring out what an audience desires and figuring out how to craft messages that make them react
  • Advertising is specifically choosing how much money will be spent on what ads in what places for what period of time
Great Examples of Marketing at work: Nike Just Do It 2018 vs. Dodge Superbowl 2013

[21:30] These two videos are basically the same ad, targeted at different customer avatars

How Do You Set Up Your Advertising Campaigns for Success?
  • [24:00]
  • Assuming the numbers are good, the avatar is robust, and your offer is compelling...here are the next steps:
  • Run a page post engagement ad first
    • Facebook doesn’t see your ad as an ad...it sees it as content
    • Facebook will reward you for compelling content by lowering ad costs
    • Want to get social proof of Likes, Comments, and Shares so that when the ad runs later, Facebook will see it as compelling content and lower the costs
  • Run a conversion focused ad at a later date
What are the different types of Facebook Ad Campaigns that you can run?
  • [26:15]
  • Do you want sales or do you want exposure?
  • As a new advertiser, focus on sales, engagement, or lead generation
  • Facebook has in internal lead tool called Lead Pages
  • Stay focused on those few
Always have a Facebook Pixel Embedded in your Website Questions from the Live Audience

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Are video ads better converting than content-only ads?
  • [30:45]
  • “There’s no such thing as better or worse. It’s all based on testing”
    • Test Video vs. Slideshow vs. Static Image
    • Use whichever converts best
    • All of this activity needs to be based on your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
What is the minimal amount of money to put into initial split-testing?
  • [32:45]
  • Facebook ad traffic is always going to be greater than zero
  • When you’re building your business, you have to build it to withstand paid marketing
  • If ad spend with no conversions will put you in the poor house, that’s a bad business model
My first ad for my greeting cards got tons of likes but nobody responded to the call to action to buy.
  • [34:20]
  • Getting engagement on the front end is really good. Wait until later to do the conversion ad
  • You can specifically retarget every person who engaged with the ad (liked, commented, or shared), and ask questions about why they didn’t buy or give them a second opportunity to buy
  • Even when people know and like you, they won’t buy immediately on Facebook because people aren’t there to buy products
When you’re generating likes and shares, would you suggest inviting people who show interest into a private page that focuses on your products or services
  • [35:50]
  • Yes, this is a good idea. Anything you can do to warm that person up to your business and brand is going to help you in the long term
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#1 Piece of Advice for Buy Black Podcast Listeners
  • [50:00]
  • Black Business Owners need to start linking up with other people and having conversations about business
  • You don’t have to be trying to sell each other anything, just raising each other’s knowledge and competence
  • Check out The Digitial Collective (Formerly The Digital Feel Good)
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