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You have probably heard of “holistic habits”, or tried “holistic healing” or “holistic medicine” at some point in your life. Those words are thrown around a lot, but from the mouths of most “practitioners” they are just that...words. Jermaine Hagan has been living holistically (in complete connection with the universe) since he was 17 years old. He teaches his clients that all health begins in the brain, and if you “invest in your health, your body will receive the wealth”. In this interview, he shares five life-changing holistic health habits that you can start right now.

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Journey Began at Age 17
  • [04:30]
  • Began to question everything I was taught
  • Went to L.A. Central library so often that it felt like he lived there
  • Learned that Health is based on intellectual capital like any other discipline
  • When his daughter was born at home naturally, this furthered his journey to learn how food affects our bodies
  • Been dedicated to education, and uplifting the black community since age 17
“I am at my best”
  • [06:50]
  • A personal affirmation
  • The universe hears us proclaim our status
  • Own your existence
The New B.L.K. Wall Street

What do we need to know about health in order for us to start taking control

  • [10:00]
  • “The trinity of health”
    • Oxygen
    • Water
    • Minerals
  • Everything in nature follows this principle
  • The body is a vehicle of the brain
    • The brain needs oxygen
    • The brain needs water
    • The brain needs minerals
  • We need to understand that investing in our health is based on going back to nature
All Health Begins in the Brain
  • [12:05]
  • The history of health - Pioneers in the black community
  • All were giving us the fundamental principles of health
  • Ask these questions - “Once I consume this food…”
    • Does it give me more energy?
    • Does it spark creativity, ambition, determination? or...
    • Does it cause my body to experience dis-ease?
    • Is it oxygen, water, or minerals or is it mucus based?
What about going hard in the gym?
  • [16:00]
  • Your body will respond more powerfully to your thoughts than your actions
  • Yes, there is a physical aspect to work, but that isn’t the centerpoint
  • If you were to look at your body and think about all the meals you eat in a week
    • That’s about 21 opportunities to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste
    • If you look at your brain and body as a high performance machine, you make better choices about the fuel (food) you put into it
“A Dream is a Message from Your Eternal Self to Your Present Self to Believe in Your Unlimited Self” Three I’s of Success
  • [18:55]
  • Imagination - Brain
  • Inspiration - Heart
  • Intuition - Stomach
    • Example - Average American colon weighs 8lbs when it should weigh 4lbs
    • All of that waste is clogging your stomach...blocking your intuition
  • Need to put the right fuel in place and cleanse the passages to the brain, heart, and stomach to be well connected with our creative centers
Jermaine’s Personal & Guided Meditation Process
  • [26:00]
  • Harmony Herb Company
  • Guidance & Coaching
  • Heart Rhythm Meditation
    • The Blood-Pumping Heart
    • The Mental Heart
    • The Poetic Heart
    • The Spiritual Heart
  • A goal without a plan is a wish
  • Jermaine is a teacher of the mental aspects that control the body
What are the most common actions people can take to change their lives?
  • [30:15]
  • When you wake up in the morning, follow the pattern of nature
    • Take some time to put some WATER into your body
    • Stop for at least 10 seconds and just listen and BREATHE
    • EAT something that connects you with nature to begin your day
Alternative Foods You Can Enjoy in a Holistic Lifestyle
  • [34:00]
  • It’s okay to slip in your food choices
  • Never feel shame about your decisions - it is the more damaging of emotions
  • Remove & replace these 5 Deadly White Foods:
    • Cow’s Milk - Replace with Hemp Milk, Coconut Milk, or Almond Milk
    • White Salt - Replace with Pink Himalayan Salt
    • White Rice - Replace with Quinoa
    • White Flour - Replace with Almond, Coconut, Quinoa, or Brown Rice Flour
    • White Sugar - Replace with Stevia
  • [36:45] Set a short-term goal that you can reprogram your subconscious mind to normalize the new habits you want to take on
    • Identify your “belief zone”
    • Expand your belief zone
Harmony Herb Company’s Holistic Health Coaching Process
  • [3810]
  • Introductory offer - One month of coaching (8 calls) for $100
  • The most powerful tool of transformation is to know that somebody cares
  • The first step to all long-term transformation is knowledge, changing the brain
  • Exclusive for Buy Black Podcast Listeners - FREE 15 Minute Consultation
Questions from the Live Audience Please discuss naturally healing fibroids in black women. What is your suggestion for attacking these tumors?
  • [41:40]
  • Prevalent in the black community because black women have been under attack for centuries
    • The stomach of a woman represents a sacred chamber
    • Often, women continue carrying relationships when they are no longer there
    • When women eat foods that are not oxygen, water, or minerals but mucus-based (chocolate, dairy, etc.) the waste remains and causes disease
  • How to deal with them physically?
    • Heat up the body through hot herbs such as ginger
    • Use formula of feminine herbs to start breaking down the fibroids over time
  • How to deal with them emotionally?
    • E-motion: Energy in motion
    • Also need to detach from the negative emotions associated with broken relationships from the past
    • The behaviors of others are not a reflection on what you are or are not, but are a reflection of that person
    • Do not carry those with you...they are not your burdens to carry
About Harmony Herb Company

We offer healing alternatives to traditional Western medicine, dietary planning and life coaching workshops to aid in preventing disease and restoring health.

  • NEW Audio Book - “A New Mind-Set for Black America” -
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Herbal Supplements for Holistic Health
  • Introductory offer - One month of coaching (8 calls) for $100
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#1 Piece of Advice for Buy Black Podcast Listeners
  • [58:30]
  • Develop a new mindset
  • In order for us to change anything in our community, we must have the courage to look at our past choices and begin to make different decisions
  • We must download a new intellectual software
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