Fortnite Goes from Black Hole to Fishing


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Fortnite broke the internet this weekend, when the map exploded and a black hole appeared in its place for two days. Fortunately, all is well now and Fortnite Chapter 2 is up and running with the introductions of fishing, swimming, boats and healing bazookas.

Other news this week:

  • Google Stadia has a release date and a bunch of announced games
  • Blizzard officially responds to last week's Hong Kong debacle
  • The original Half Life just got a patch after 21 years
  • Saints Row 2 is getting a bunch of PC fixes as well after developers found the games source code
  • The Internet Archive has a bunch of DOS games you can play in a browser. Like a lot.
  • Minecraft: The Exhibition opens in Seattle this weekend

What You're Playing

Adam: GTA 5, Master Chief Collection

Cliff: Gears 5

Dylan: Sheetrock: The Game


Vinny: It's Halloween! What video game related character/thing are you dressing up for this Halloween? And what non-video game related thing would you dress up as?

Mister Polite: Is there a game that would be a favorite game if it came out at a different time in your life. For example, Minecraft is a game that I know is something I would have loved back when I was playing games in Elementary School or early Middle School, but since it came out in my 30’s it just isn’t a game I want to play.

Jacob (IconArising): What is your favorite Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon original show? What was the worst?

Princess_Megan: What are your favorite Fall traditions?

JoeColeslaw: Worst trope in horror? Films, games, tv specials?

Mansocks: In a cute fight between Gus and Dart who would win?

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