If Game Devs Could Stop Being Gross It Would Be Great


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Video games are currently going through their own #MeToo moment and it all blew up yesterday, with multiple women calling out powerful men in the games industry, including Jeremy Soule composer on The Elder Scrolls and Guild Wars series and Alec Holowka developer of Night in the Woods and Aquaria.


  • Telltale games are back in business...sorta
  • The classic versions of Aladdin and The Lion King are coming back to modern consoles in October
  • The Ion Fury launch has been marred by the revelation of transphobic posts by developers in their Discord and the inclusion of homophobic slurs in their newly released game
  • World of Warcraft Classic Servers are up and running, but hopefully you like lines


Vinny: What is one Developer and/or one video game IP that you know you will buy day one regardless of hearing anything about it? Mine would be almost anything Halo IP related, especially FPS Halo's.

JoeColeslaw: Do you have any instances of your faith in humanity restored? Something positive throughout your week that can lighten the mood, and perhaps be a counter to some negativity in this week's News?

AngelGrl: What is your favorite non-video game (board game, sport or outdoor activity, ect)?

Turndwn4wut: What do you think the motivation is for people to cheat at games?

Eddie: What Muppet can you guys relate to?

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