90 - Scrooged (1988)


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8-year-old Alistair and CadaverDad ring in the holidays with a discussion of Richard Donner's SCROOGED (1988), that modern day retelling of Charles Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL starring Bill Murray and about a thousand other notable people! So grab yourself some egg nog, put a little love in your heart, and listen to a pair of knuckleheads joke their way through a review of a Christmas classic. You can support CadaverCast with your ratings and reviews on Apple Podcasts, by donating to our network at patreon.com/wordsalad, and sharing the show with your friends (or enemies). We sure do appreciate it! Email us at: CadaverCast@gmail.com Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/Cadaver_Cast On Instagram: instagram.com/cadavercast Check us out on Facebook: facebook.com/groups/CadaverCast CadaverCast theme by Aaron Ewalt Series cover art by Angel Onofre Episode edited by Jef Burnham © 2019 Jef Burnham & Al Burnham

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