CAFE Insider 09/16: Scandal Survey: Donald, Brett, Andy, Felicity


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In this episode of the CAFE Insider podcast, "Scandal Survey: Donald, Brett, Andy, Felicity," co-hosts Preet Bharara and Anne Milgram discuss:

-- The reporting about a potential indictment of former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe

-- Concerns raised by spending at President Trump’s hotels

-- Actress Felicity Huffman’s 14-day jail sentence for her role in the college admissions scandal

-- A New York Times article about sexual harassment allegations made against Justice Brett Kavanaugh from his time as a Yale undergraduate student

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Andrew McCabe

  • Andrew McCabe’s lawyer Michael Bromwich’s letter to Jessie Liu, U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, 9/12/19
  • 9-11.120: Power of a grand jury limited by its function, DOJ Justice Manual
  • “True bill” definition, Legal Information Institute
  • “Types of Juries,” United States Courts
  • “On the Mystery of the McCabe Grand Jury,” Lawfare, 9/13/19
  • “Andrew McCabe’s legal team asks Justice Dept. if grand jury rejected charges in his case,” Washington Post, 9/13/19
  • “Prosecutors recommend indicting Andrew McCabe over 'lack of candor' about media leaks,” Politico, 9/12/19

Spending at Trump properties

  • Donald J. Trump’s tweets addressing the accusations that he’s enriching himself, 9/16/19
  • Donald Trump’s tweet: PLENTY OF OIL!, 9/15/19
  • Donald Trump’s tweet about meeting with Iran’s leaders, 9/15/19
  • “What Is the Emoluments Clause?,” Encyclopedia Britannica
  • “The Text and History of the Foreign Emoluments Clause,” Constitutional Accountability Center, 2018
  • The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit decision, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington v. Trump (2019)
  • “U.S. Appeals Court Reinstates Emoluments Case Against Trump,” New York Times, 9/13/19
  • “Air Force says it sent crews to Trump’s Scottish resort up to 40 times,” Politico, 9/12/19
  • “McCarthy defends military stopovers at Trump's Scottish resort: 'It's just like any other hotel,'” Politico, 9/10/19
  • “Pence stays at Trump's Doonbeg resort hours away from official meetings,” CNN, 9/4/19
  • “Trump Has Just the Place for the Next G7 Meeting: His Own Golf Resort,” New York Times, 8/26/19
  • “When Trump visits his clubs, government agencies and Republicans pay to be where he is,” Washington Post, 6/20/19
  • “DoJ: Christie spent big on hotels,” Politico, 11/9/10
  • “$16 for a Muffin?! A Justice Department Boondoggle,” The Atlantic, 9/20/11

Felicity Huffman sentenced

  • The plea agreement United States v. Felicity Huffman
  • “By Turns Tearful and Stoic, Felicity Huffman Gets 14-Day Prison Sentence,” New York Times, 9/13/19

Justice Brett Kavanaugh

  • “Brett Kavanaugh Fit In With the Privileged Kids. She Did Not.,” New York Times, 9/14/19
  • “New York Times apologizes for ‘inappropriate and offensive’ tweet about Kavanaugh sexual misconduct allegation,” Washington Post, 9/16/19

Mike Pence

  • “Pence claims a prized racehorse bit him. The farm manager who was there isn’t buying it.,” Washington Post, 9/13/19

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