#CageClub Revisited: The Frozen Ground (2013)


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The Frozen Ground marks Nicolas Cage's second team-up with John Cusack, and it's in the running for their worst collaboration (though that honor, if you will, likely still goes to Arsenal). For a movie with such a stacked cast of "that guy!" guys, it's a real shame that this movie isn't better than it is. But if you've been looking for a podcast where we watch a movie that features ASAC Schrader, 50 Cent with a ridiculous wig, and Vanessa Hudgens getting taken more times than you can count -- and then barely talk about the movie -- boy, do we have a podcast for you! Note: Our #CageClub Revisited episodes are meant to be listened to while watching the movie we're discussing, a la a director's commentary. If you want our more "insightful" episode about this movie, head into our archives!

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