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Slugbug - "Nervous Man Music" - Truck Month
Dan Gleason - "I Recycle" [Free Music Archive]
Marcello Giombini - "Escape" - Le Notti Erotiche Dei Morti Viventi
Die Partei - "Bose Traume" - La Freiheit Des Geistes
Dan Gleason - "A Conversation with My Father"
Fred Lane - "Danger is My Beer" - From the One That Cut You
Armand Schaubroeck - "Gigolo, Gigolo" - Ratfucker
Dan Gleason - "Why Are We Not Making Love?"
29th Street Saxophone Quartet - "Bigfoot (excerpt)" - Pointilistic Groove
Lindsay Cooper - "Seeing Red" - The Gold Diggers
Dan Gleason - "An Airing of Pretensions"
Locomotive GT - "Boogie Land" - v/a: Funkytown Budapest
Panta Rhei - "Der Losverkaufer" - v/a: Love Your Motherload (Give the Drummer Some 2010 Marathon Premium)
UV Protection - "When I Find You" - Clean Modern Comfortable [Free Music Archive]
Leda - "City of Light" - Welcome to Joyland
Le Flange du Mal - "Shaved Women" - Demos
Iyaxia - "Time" - s/t [Free Music Archive]
Exteenager - "Steve Hyperventilating" - Art is Over [Free Music Archive]
Trude Herr - "Zeiger An Der Uhr" - Ich Sage, Was Ich Meine

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